Proper estate planning often includes a last will and testament, allowing the party to make known their final wishes regarding property, disposition of remains, and instructions for the personal representative.


Depending on the estate of the client, trusts may be beneficial for minimizing tax exposure, avoiding probate, and ensuring a seemless transition of one's property or business interest to a successor. 

Medical Documents

Proper preparation of medical documents help clarify a party's wishes regarding treatment if they are incapacitated, as well as facilitate additional processes like paying bills and handling property. 

Estate Administration

Almost always, an estate requires probate administration after death. This can require extensive work, record-keeping, and working with the probate court, often best performed by a licensed attorney.

Mission Statement

Downey Estate Planning LLC was founded with the goal of not only providing our clients with honest and reliable legal counsel, but also educating them on the modern estate planning tools accessible without legal proceedings.  

Flexible, responsive, and experienced, our firm has worked to create a library of resources available to our clients in order to make preparing and administering an estate easier. We look forward to counseling you on your estate planning needs. 

We are here to help. 

Seeking legal help does not need to be difficult. 

We approach each issue with an education mindset, which always starts with a conversation.  

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