Landlord Tenant Services

Landlord Tenant disputes can be convoluted, ugly, and personal. Whether it be for a landlord in a two bedroom home, or a tenant in a 40 unit apartment complex. Below are just some of the common issues that both landlords and tenants face. All information, content, and materials available on this page are for general informational purposes only. 

Eviction Proceedings

Evictions and eviction defenses in Portland have strict notice requirements that attempt to provide both parties with as much information as possible. No-cause evictions and for-cause evictions both have drastically different requirements altered by the passing of the 2019 Oregon Senate Bill 608. It is vial that you are made aware of both your rights and responsibilities before taking any action either in furtherance or in opposition to an eviction. 


Proper maintenance of a dwelling unit is a vital requirement of providing housing. A tenant has clear rights as to the standard of living they are entitled to, as well as a number of responsibilities in upkeep of the unit. When damage is done to the unit, Oregon law dictates the procedures that must be taken as to what, and when repairs should be performed. Understanding these strict requirements creates a better experience for tenants, and lowers the liability on the landlord for any future damages. 

Rent Payment and Increases

Rent is arguably the largest and most consistent expense that many tenants will have. It's important that the process of paying rent, refunding rent, and raising rent all be both transparent and in line with the applicable Oregon Revised Statutes. Failure to observe these requirements can carry heavy penalties for a landlord, in addition to causing confusion for both parties. Speak with an attorney before making any effort to change the amount or method of collection for rent. 

Transition of Tenants 

Often with many tenancies, an issue does not appear until the tenants exit the property after the end of a lease. This involves the assessment of damages by the landlord, handling of any property the tenat may have left behind, and the return of the security deposit. The Oregon Revised Statutes provide strict requirements for the landlord's responsibilities during these procedures, and afford the tenant multiple rights that when infringed, can heavily penalize landlords. Be certain you are following the law, and consult with an attorney if you are unfailiar with these procedures. 

Discrimination and Retaliation 

Oregon law protects tenants from discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, family status, disability, source of income, sexual orientation, gender identity, or domestic violence survivors. Unfortunately, many property owners and landlords fail to properly conduct their search for a tenant. 

Additionally, some landlords and tenants retaliate against their tenants for presenting reasonable requests, and then implement some form of financial hardship or eviction for the incorrect reasons. Understanding your rights and the proper procedures can vastly improve the landlor tenant relationship. 

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